1 July 2022


Vuejs Roadtrip Barcelona is back with another intimate Community Event of an Exclusive Gathering of 150 Vue Enthusiasts on Friday 1 July at Glovo's Headquarter in Barcelona. We continue to Spread the Love for Vue at a Local level for the Local Community.

1 Full Day of Vuejs fun with Local Community Leaders, Vue.js Core Members & Experts. In-Person at Glovo Headquarters on 1 July 2022.

A fun filled day for you to enjoy technical Vue Deepdives, to meet 1 on 1 with Core Team Members and Experts and to have fun with the community. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful Lunch provided to you and networking with Music, Drinks and Snacks after the Conference.

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Eduardo San Martin Morote

Eduardo San Martin Morote

Getting more out of your Pinia Stores

Vue Core Team • Vue-Router • Vue-Router-Next • Pinia • vuefire • Open Source contributor • Vue.js

Eduardo is a Frontend Developer who, in the past, developed many applications as a FullStack developer, focusing on solving Business problems by understanding them and providing the solutions. Today, he still focuses on that but he specialises in Front-End.

As a Freelancer that loves Open source nowadays, he has been contributing to Open source since he started crafting applications. He mostly maintains Vue.js related projects as Vue itself, vuefire and vue-router but he sometimes helps out somewhere else, to make the web move forward. When he develops applications, he likes to focus on UX, and always in a pragmatic way. He tends to reduce waste as much as possible by applying Lean wherever he can. He also trains people in web development, being patient and adapting to different levels.

Most of his free time is spent contributing to Vue.js ecosystem as a core team member and keeping up to date with new standards. He also likes to talk in public, and he organises the Vue.js Meetup in Paris.

With recent talks on Vue-router and its techniques, Modern Routing or How does a frontend router work?, we are very excited to see what Eduardo is going to bring this time to Frontend Developer Week 2021.

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Natalia Tepluhina

Natalia Tepluhina

Local state and server cache: vue-query

Vue Core Team • GraphQL developer experience • wrapping REST API calls with Apollo Client: ‘do-it-yourself’ approach • Create your first data visualization chart in VueJS with D3

Natalia is a Staff Frontend Engineer at GitLab and Vue.js core team member from Kyiv, Ukraine, recently relocated to Amsterdam.

She is a constant learner and loves to share knowledge with other people. Conference speaker, and author of articles on different topics related to Vue Framework, she has got a title of Google Developer Expert in Web technologies thanks to these activities.

Some of her articles include information about Three awesome tools for GraphQL developer experience, wrapping REST API calls with Apollo Client: ‘do-it-yourself’ approach, Create your first data visualization chart in VueJS with D3 and many more!

She has recent talks on "How to train your Vue CLI plugin", You might not need Vuex, Migrating a big old codebase to Vue 3: what I'm excited abou or All you need is Apollo client and we can't wait for her to join us during  the Frontend Developer Week 2021.

Angel Sola Orbaiceta

Angel Sola Orbaiceta

State Management is Complex

Software Engineer at Glovo | 📘 Author of "Hardcore Programming For Mechanical Engineers" | 🤖 InkStructure

Mechanical Engineer by training, Software Engineer by experience, I love learning new things —technical and non-technical— and I'm keen on using software to solve complex engineering problems. A fun fact: I used the COVID lockdown to write a book: "hardcore programming for mechanical engineers".

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Natalia Venditto

Natalia Venditto

Vue on Azure for enterprise devs and architects - Decoupling to Microfrontends

With a background in design, Natalia's career took a turn when she started developing websites. After several years of leading large teams as a Tech Lead, she now works in the role of Solutions Architect for enterprise scale projects.

Marc Backes

Marc Backes

Building Vue 3 On Stage

Decoding the Code • Vue Internals • Vue3 Reactivity Module • Vue • Nuxt • Node.js • Database Structure • Solution Architecture

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Debbie O'Brien

Debbie O'Brien

Testing Web Applications with Playwright

• Webpack • Nuxt.js • Vue • Fullstack • MallorcaJS • VueSpain • OpenClassrooms Hasura • Static in a dynamic world

Debbie is an Irish Head of Learning with over 10 years experience in Frontend development. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in developer technologies, Google Developer Expert in web technologies, Cloudinary Media Developer Expert and nominated for a Github Star.

She has a special love for JavaScript frameworks, especially Vue.js and Nuxt.js and improving performance with webpack. Debbie holds a Frontend and FullStack Tech Degree and is Microsoft certified. She is an international speaker and organizer of MallorcaJS and VueSpain. She also works as a tech degree moderator for Treehouse and a mentor for OpenClassrooms. Debbie also works as a teacher at Vue School and a writer for Ultimate Courses.

Her recent talks on Going Static in a Dynamic World with Hasura and Nuxt.js, What’s new in Nuxt.js, Static generated sites === great performance What are you waiting for? are making us excited to see her next year in February during the Frontend Developer Week 2021.

You might have seen Debbie practising sports such as running, cycling, skiing and even Taekwondo. She is a 4th degree Black Belt!

Paul Melero

Paul Melero

Nuxt in the Edge

Building things on the Web. ❤️ Dad. 🍀 Plant powered. 🚀 Creative thinker.

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Tim Benniks

Tim Benniks

The Modern Digital pipeline - The future of Jamstack is composable

Nuxtjs Ambassador • Cloudinary MDE • Content Creator • Youtuber • Principal Developer Advocate • Vite & Vitepress • Webpack 5 Module Federation

Tim is an Amsterdamer currently working at Uniform as a Principal Developer Advocate. His role is partly global and he helps oversee and animate its amazing front-end teams all over the world. Next to working at Valtech, Tim also speaks at Conferences and creates content about web development topics and soft skills.

He also speaks at big conferences and a whole bunch of meetups. His last talks include topics such as Webpack 5 module federation and more, Magical combination to build a modern website, Introducing Vite & Vitepress and How to lead a team to success in a high pressure environment!

In his free time, you can find Tim playing guitar and enjoying family time with his wife and his corgi called Nugget. You can also reach him on his Youtube channel!

Among his specialities, we can include Vue.js, e-commerce, inclusive design, accessibility, Progressive enhancement, responsive design, ES6, nodejs, technical architecture, web development strategy, typography, mobile first development, component based design, performance, scalable / optimised javascript, prototyping, continuous integration, website localisation and outsourcing.

We can’t wait to see what Tim will bring to Frontend Developer Week 2021.

Neciu Dan

Neciu Dan

Building Scalable Components

Software Engineer @Glovo | Passionate about UX / UI | Tech Blogger

Alex Jover

Alex Jover

The DX magic in the Vueniverse

Nomad-soul human 🌎 Dancer 🕺 Krav Maga practitioner 🥋 Comedy lover 💚

Alex found his passion for his local dev community after co-creating Alicante Frontend Meetup and Vue Day Spain. He is the mastermind behind the book, "Testing Vue.js components in Jest" and produced articles and courses for different platforms such as, Vueschool, and Digital Ocean. This led to him becoming a Google Developer Expert and part of the Vue team. He's into Open Source and authored across widely-used libraries like v-lazy-image or tslint-config-prettier. In 2016, he began speaking at conferences, training teams around Europe, leading projects, and helping companies like achieve their goals on Web Performance, Vue, and Nuxt. Nowadays, Alex is very interested in fostering and championing communication and interpersonal relations, as well as finding out how our minds work to make decisions (he might just try to convince you about some random idea!).

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Vanessa Otto

Vanessa Otto

State Management

• State Management with Composition API • SPA project • Vue • Frontend Developer • Nuxt.js • Svelte • Vite • TailwindCSS • Webpack • Web Components

Vanessa is a Web Developer. She has an M.Sc in Media Informatics with a focus on Human-Computer-Interaction. Vanessa is the Lead Frontend Developer at ZAGE by The Life Company. She is a host of the podcasts expect(Exception), Working Draft, and Ausbaufähig. Vanessa is a Chapter Leader of the Front-end Foxes helping women with their first coding and speaking experiences. She is a member of the JS Kongress Program Committee.

Juan Andrés Núñez

Juan Andrés Núñez

Master the new Vue 3 Composable Pattern

Hi , I’m Juan, a Frontend Engineer from sunny Valencia (Spain) currently working a Docplanner.

I’m truly passionate about Web technologies, mostly JavaScript and Vue.js . Also, I’m always trying to teach what I learn though my platform Escuela Vue (

Apart from the Web world, I really like reading. I’m always surrounded by books, specially about ancient history, philosophy (Stoicism) and mindfulness so, when not programming, I for sure will be reading

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Valeria Pavlic

Valeria Pavlic

Creative Business student at Buas, doing event internship at Passionate People.


Master of Ceremonies

Angel Paredes Barato


Valeria Pavlic

Head of Production

Nikolett Brandner

Head of Design

Letizia Magnini


Address: C. de Pallars, 190, 08005 Barcelona.

A tremendous shoutout and thank you to Glovo for opening up their office for the Vue Community and providing them with Food & Drinks during Vuejs Roadtrip Barcelona.

Support Vuejs Roadtrip Barcelona

Vuejs Barcelona 2022 will take place on 1 July in-person at Glovo Headquarters.

A local gathering of Vue Developers in Barcelona providing you with the Unique Opportunity to Market towards the Local Barcelona Vue.js Developers. Since 2018, Vuejs Roadtrip Barcelona has been a Sold Out event.


Vuejs roadtrip barcelona

Our last in-person Barcelona Roadtrip was Vue.js Barcelona 2019 that took place in June with 150 Vue Enthusiasts gathering at the Beach of Barcelona at the Holaluz Office. A full day Vue Extravaganza bringing the whole Vuejs Community together. Offering a stage to Local Talent, Vuejs Core Team Members and Authors.